For Coaches

The WellActive Coach community is categorised into four levels:

Community: Community Coaches generally assist people with very basic health and fitness related tasks. Examples include being an accountability coach, providing support and assistance at the gym or sharing recipes and meal planning tips.

Bronze: Bronze Coaches are qualified Coaches just entering their industry or have been working for 1-5 years.

Silver: Silver Coaches are qualified Coaches with extensive experience in their field of 5-10 years.

Gold: Gold Coaches are qualified Coaches with 10+ years of experience. They have a wealth of knowledge in their area with a strong performance record.

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For Clients

Achieving your health and fitness goals has never been easier. WellActive connects you with a community of coaches who can help you be healthier and happier, no matter what your goal is.

WellActive allows you to:

Buy A Service: Review the services, programs and digital products available for purchase. WellActive allows you to review and connect with a community of health and fitness coaches all in one place.